Brick High

And so it Begins...
The Adventure that brought them together

April 14th Commotion takes place out on the football field, our heroes take different responses, some react immediate, some are oblivious, and others just don’t seem to care. A figure seems to be emerging from the ground. As Ronnie began to face off with the first dirt creatures, a second emerges from the ground behind her. The dirt creatures seem rather slow and weak however, and Ronnie quickly turns them into dirt piles. Upon seeing this event Slick Rick runs out onto the football field. Instead of trying to help however, he seems to of come to flirt with her. While this taking place, Ariel comes out to join them, and Bret comes down from the sidelines to join them. While the group is assembling, they look out and notice that not only have the dirt creatures put themselves back together, but there is now 7 different creatures coming down upon them. A full-fledged battle breaks out in the middle of the football field as our heroes try their best to find a way to fight back their dirt-made enemies. After many failed physical attacks which left Ronnie almost suffocated inside of the dirt, a brain-storm in the form of an electrical attack is discovered to be highly effective against them, as it turns the dirt creatures into glass. As the rest of the dirt creatures band together to form into a final large dirt creature, Ariel uses her mental abilities to discover that the dirt creatures were really being controlled by an completely separate entity, which startlingly seems to be located within the main administration building, centralized in the main offices. Once the last of the dirt creatures were finished off however, the mental connection was broken and the ability to hunt down the real master-mind was greatly diminished, leaving them with just a general idea of where to find the culprit. Once failing to bluff their way right into the office, a complete mind-control was needed to grant them access. Some fast talking by Slick-Rick provided them a free walk and directions, and a ice cold soda, leaving them outside the door of the principals office. After a rather hostile conversation with the principal, filled with bluffs and intimidation, the group is left without any real resolve, other than the idea that they don’t trust their principal. After encountering complete mental blocks by the principal they decided there was nothing left to be learned there, and left to re-group back at Ronnie’s garage. Once there they worked out their plan to return to the school alter that night and see if they can do any more investigating into this strange encounter that had brought them all together…

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